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CNH transports you to the best panoramic views of Compostela


Santiago de Compostela, that place to which we always return and in which there are always secrets to be discovered. Today, from CNH we want to discover one of those secrets: the best points to appreciate the most impressive panoramas of a city that has managed to harmonize the beauty of its old city with the contrast of the urban center and a multitude of green spaces.

Without leaving the city ...

In the Parque de la Alameda, there, next to the Tree of the Namorados, you can get, in addition to the best perspective to see the facade of the Obradoiro, a view of the limits of the old area from one of the most idyllic spots in the park. If you keep going around Paseo da Ferradura, you will reach the western viewpoint, which looms over the south campus and offers the most famous sunset in the city.

We head to the other side of Santiago, but we turn off at Belvís Park to make a stop on the way ... From its top, where the Belvís convent is located, if we sharpen the view, we can define where the historical zone ends and where the urban helmet begins. Also, if we arrive when the day comes to an end, we will see the city eating at night.

Finally, we resume the walk and arrive at the Bonaval Park, just in front of our Hotel Bonaval, perfect to end the day! It is located right at the entrance to the city of the French Way and is one of the quietest in Santiago. It is famous among students and, from its highest point, you can contemplate the bustle of the old city, but immersed in an absorbing nature.

... and looking at the city from outside

 Even if we get away from it, it is not necessary to take the car (unless it is inevitable), as the next two stops have their respective hiking trails that deserve the walk. If you come doing The Way of Santiago, remember to stop at Monte do Gozo next to the statues of the pilgrims and you can have a first look at what you will later find in Compostela.

And, radically changing direction, we will find Monte Pedroso. The spoiled child of Santiago, until you climb to the top you can not say you've been here. From the highest point you can gradually see the city, with the cathedral jutting out to the whole, the Cidade da Cultura and, further back, the Sacro Peak, where the remains of the Apostle were found for the first time.

As much as you come back, Santiago will never cease to surprise you, and the same goes for our hotels. Come back if you have already left and, if you still do not know us, do not wait any longer and make your reservation!