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  • Santiago is much more than a cathedral. Its historic center is a World Heritage Site. But beyond, can boast a good number of green areas and natural landscapes. One of them is the river walk of the small river SarelaThe conditioned route covers about seven and a half kilometers from A Peregrina to Amañecida (Vidán) and can be done both together and by small sections, which go from bridge to bridge. You will also find fountains, laundries and old mills and tanneries.

  • As it could not be less, Santiago also has its street of wines and tapas and that is none other than the mythical Rúa do Franco. More central, in addition, can not be, since it runs from practically the Praza do Obradoiro to Porta Faxeira, just opposite the Alameda Park.

  • Autumn is a great station to visit Santiago de Compostela. Without the agglomerations of summer, the city can be enjoyed calmly and offers, in addition, a cultural and entertainment program varied and aimed at all audiences. The season of the Real Fhilarmonía de Galicia begins, the many Compostela museums (Cidade da Cultura, Centro Galego de Arte Contemporánea...) raise all kinds of activities, music festivals (CortaPega, Outono Códax Festival), cinema (Curtocircuito) and even puppets (Galicreques)... In the autumn there are also very popular celebrations in the Galician culture and, of course, you have to talk about good food: it's time for chestnuts, 'caldo galego' or succulent and strong 'cocido'. The agenda, you see, is full. For that reason, we have decided to help you with a selection of the appointments that we believe are essential.

  • 05/10/2018

    Christmas, according to Christian tradition, has its origin in the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. But, although we are not religious, visiting nativities is an activity that adults and children like. Some of them are authentic works of art and others stand out for their spectacularity or creativity. Santiago de Compostela, of course, also has several and today we are going to talk about the most popular so you do not miss visiting them if you come to spend these dates with us.

  • Do you know that Santiago has one of the few official disc golf courses in Spain? It is located in Monte do Gozo Park, and has eighteen baskets, a par 58, distributed in a field of 1,775 meters. In addition, the best thing is that they are freely accessible and everyone can enjoy them.

  • The Portico da Gloria will reopen on December 1 and the visits will cost ten euros, twelve if they are made jointly with the Museum of the Cathedral and the Colexiata de Sar. However, from Monday to Saturday, three groups of up to twenty-five people, one of them pilgrims, will have free access.

  • If you want to see the Pórtico da Gloria without paying, you will have to hurry. Next Tuesday, September 18, the free visits will end and the great work of Mestre Mateo will be closed to the public again. Although this time, and after ten years of laborious restoration work, will be for a short time. The Pórtico will now be encapsulated to avoid deterioration but it is expected that this action will be completed in November. Then, you can visit again, although you have to go through the box office first. What has not yet been determined is the price of the visits, although it is presumed that it will be around twelve euros.

  • The old town of Santiago de Compostela is, without a doubt, the best place to stay and discover the magic of the city. Staying in a hotel in the old area of Compostela implies having all the monuments, life and activity of the city very close, with all the advantages of being one step away from the Cathedral of Santiago. A real luxury!

  • If you are music lovers, you still ask where to listen to music in Santiago but if you decide to stay at one of our hotels, we can not help but congratulate you because you are surrounded by emblematic places that usually host live music shows. You have to know that, despite its medium size, the city has several concert halls and a varied and dynamic cultural program with musical events and festivals for all tastes. Sharpen the ear because we leave you several proposals.

  • Since 2011, when the first two buildings of the complex were inaugurated, the Cidade da Cultura defines the new architectural silhouette of Santiago dominating the horizon from the summit of Mount Gaiás. The pharaonic project, signed by the American architect Peter Eisenman, has been redifinished in recent years and nowadays stands as a unique architectural space and a large green area and leisure in which to admire an exhibition, attend a show or just walk around. Families have several recreational spaces such as playgrounds, lakes and pedestrian paths. We tell you what they are so that you get the most out of your visit.

  • During the day Compostela is crowded of people, and at night it would not be less! Bars, pub, live music ... Compostela Net Hotels takes you out of bed and takes you to discover the stars of the Compostela night.

  • Santiago de Compostela has so many charms that it would be impossible to know them all. CNH offers you a way to enjoy the sea, the land, the fauna and even nature ... Let's say we talk about gastronomy! And although there is nothing more difficult than making a selection, we have worked hard to choose. Our recommendation? Try it all!

  • At CNH Hoteles we know that enjoying Santiago as a family is a real pleasure. Show to your children the magic of the city, enjoying their terraces or playing in their parks are memories that will take you forever. At CNH we make it easy for you, since all our hotels have the necessary services for the little ones in the house.

  • Santiago de Compostela, that place to which we always return and in which there are always secrets to be discovered. Today, from CNH we want to discover one of those secrets: the best points to appreciate the most impressive panoramas of a city that has managed to harmonize the beauty of its old city with the contrast of the urban center and a multitude of green spaces.

  • The Portico de la Gloria is undoubtedly the jewel of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. After more than a decade of restoration work, the works ended last week

  • It's here! Summer has already come! And with the sun, arrives a very busy schedule in the Galician capital. Are you ready? Charge the batteries, CNH takes you to party!



  • In the end, Santiago is kind of a small city, or a big town, but which keeps a whole universe to discover between the walls of its buildings. Discover it all with CNH!


  • Maruxa and Coralia Fandiño Ricard, the two best-known and most popular sisters of the city of

    Santiago de Compostela who received the nicknames of "Las Marías", "Las Dos en Punto" or

    "Cara de Palo", change their look.



  • There is only one month left for one of the most important events of the summer here in Santiago de Compostela: the music festival O Son do Camiño, which is going to take place at Monte do Gozo. Do you have your pass? In that case, keep reading and find out about all the news!


  • We come from celebrating Labor Day with great relief but in this month of May, we still have many more holidays and special days to enjoy. Take the opportunity to visit Santiago deCompostela during some of the best parties of the year!