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Visit our blog to follow our day-to-day activities. 

  • Christmas markets are one of the aspects that help to awaken our spirit of solidarity, it is time that our city looks bright and decorated for the occasion and for the enjoyment of residents and visitors. 

  • If you come to Santiago de Compostela you have to treat yourself  one of the most spectacular parks in the city, the park of Santo Domingo de Bonaval. You'll be surprised because it is a magical place, surrounded by greenery, stone and water.

  • The calendar tells us: December day the weekends, holidays and vacations shake hands. On announcing the winter they serve to show the most intimate and peaceful face of Santiago de Compostela: the capital of Galicia pilgrim shown less introspective and more, an open opportunity to roam their secrets and discover another face and other flavors of Compostela. We leave five proposals for Christmas in Santiago de Compostela.

  • It is very more-than-likely essential titles escape us because we hope that you, dear readers, we also remember eternal works of the screen. And whether dont known Cineuropa or have not yet been to Santiago, do not worry, here are a few titles to remember why Santiago is the capital of cinema November

  • A tradition sa little bit imported, a little bit aboriginal but always promising. If you want to enjoy Compostela in autumnal mode, the All Saints holidays brings the aura of mystery that makes Compostela experience something even more unforgettable: ancient cemeteries converted into parks full of fog, local themed Halloween parties, gastronomic delights and the opportunity to check in Santiago rain is art. These are some of the reasons to visit Santiago de Compostela on the Day of the Dead.

  • A walk around the Finca do Espiño may not be a call to these disturbing atmospheres but it has an ethereal quality, enduring an authentic aura, a patina of reality that escapes into a world of design, thought to walk where the more we should, out of places with their own history. La Finca do Espiño provides the pleasure to extinguish: to savor a moment of lost time. Finca do Espino, a Gothic walk through Santiago de Compostela.

  • The dear travelers whom landing at the Hotel Literario San Bieito bring along with their usual luggage a piece of the aura that provides the custom to venture into the jungle of the written word. You lose the sense passport when landing, docking or cross any city just walking the streets looking for a bookstore. 

  • The marathon athlete Mariluz Viñas will run along the French Way for a good cause:  raise funds for St. Jude Foundation which helps children with cancer in her country, the Dominican Republic. “The Way’s Challenge" will begin on September 27 until October 11, fifteen days in which vines will cover 52 kilometers per day of pilgrimage to the race from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Praza do Obradoiro. 

  • Gluttony, sweet, destruction ... we crawl few pleasures break schemes, be lenient with ourselves and enjoy the same enthusiasm we had ten years. Chocolate pastry shops could well serve as subtle time machine to bring back to us images of a simpler past. Today, Santiago de Compostela for gourmands.

  • A maze of letters runs past the monumental area of Compostela. The spectra of writers and writers living entity the Alameda grown moss and some of the most memorable deserve a statue overlooking the church of Santa Susana or an endless story that happened in a corner of the Old Town. Yes, the stormy and fury Northwest wind spread the seeds of writing along the town and touches so many others who visit. Today we look at Santiago de Compostela in three literary works.

  • Today we review some of the stores that we must take a look for those establishments where, at least, we must take a look. We do not distinguish between genres sale: Santiago de Compostela in three stores.

  • Santiago is the second best city in Spain to eat. It may be that the gastronomic Compostela is happening after many years of work but... Where do you go? We're introducing Santiago de Compostela in five gastronomic stops.

  • The capital of Galicia is full of corners outdoors and covered where dive into an amazing story, in vibrant stories, exemplary novels... Here we note some places to enjoy reading at Santiago de Compostela.

  • the space occupied by the bookstore in a city is another matter. They are like time capsules in which we feel the flow of time, which is the speed of our lives. Can not be summarized in a picture one gets with the Smartphone and, as if nothing had happened, it is something else.

  • We welcome you to the blog of the corporate website of Compostela Net Hotels, located in Santiago de Compostela, capital of Galicia. Bonaval Hotel and Literary Hotel San Bieito are our two partner institutions. This is small boutique hotels we have managed to unite the best of close and friendly treatment of small establishments with technological advances to offer the best experience of Galicia that can be offered.