10 reasons to "not" visit Santiago


This city, located between two rivers, has many impressive places to enjoy a few days of relax. Its cuisine, its people, its history, its legends... you'll get caught and you will not ever forget. So maybe it's better not visit... because if you do, it you will not want go!

If you do not believe us, look at these 10 reasons to "not" visit Santiago.

1. Cathedral of Santiago

Iconic place of the city that attracts numerous pilgrims and tourists every year. Its beauty and majesty will make you feel attracted not only by its interior but also by its exterior and the squares that surround it. Each time you visit you will discover new things about it that will make you never forget it.

2. Mercado de Abastos

It is the second most visited place in the city. It is full of high quality Galician products such as Galician beef, potatoes, fruits and vegetables... In addition to the places of restoration in which you can try these tasty products. Come closer and you will soon be attracted by its smells and colors, to the point that you will never want to leave.

3. Historical Hull

Declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1985, it is considered one of the most beautiful and best preserved in Spain. Because of its narrow streets they will take you from one side to another of the city, discovering the Romanesque architecture that conforms it; or otherwise will only have a way out, go back. So, be careful! You can end up getting lost!

4. Eating in Santiago

Galicia is famous for its gastronomy and Santiago, as its capital, exemplifies the great tradition and gastronomic richness of this land, admired for its ingredients of great quality. Come, and enjoy it! But be careful, your taste buds could fall in love!

5. Collegiate of Sar

Like the cathedral, it is one of the Romanesque monuments of the city. Built in the 12th century, it is striking by the flying buttresses that keep it standing since, as you will observe on entering, its arches are diverted and give you the impression that the church is going to fall. There are numerous hypotheses about the possible reason for this deviation, come and discover them!

 6. Their parks

Santiago's historic center is surrounded by parks with lots of history like the Bonaval or Alameda. They are many, and in some cases very extensive, which will not give you time to see them all and in full so you will have to stay or visit again.

7. Museo del Pobo Galego-Pantheon of Illustrious Galegos

Former convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval, today hosts the Museo do Pogo Galego where you can learn about the most representative elements of Galician culture. In addition, among its walls is the Panteón de Gallegos Ilustres where the remains of important Galician personalities rest. A place you can not miss if you like History and Literature!

8. Stores

Santiago has always been a commercial reference for Galicia, attracting people from the towns and nearby villages. Because of this you could say that Santiago is like a shopping center which is divided into four business areas with its own philosophy and special features: historic city with the Mercado de Abastos as the center, Ensanche, large malls and flea markets. We recommend you visit them all but be careful, you can end up spending more than planned!

9. The Legends

The city of Santiago is full of stories, legends and secrets about witchcraft, assassinations, heroes and villains, apparitions, impossible loves, ghosts... Come and discover them but with care, you can be hypnotized!

10. And above all... Compostela Net Hostels!

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