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5 museums to visit in Santiago this winter

As a good capital of Galicia, Santiago fulfills its duty as a cultural reference in the Region. And as a historic city, it has numerous museums open to the public through which you can get to know the most authentic Compostela. From CNH Hotels we propose you these five must-visit museums during your stay in the city.

  • Pobo Galego Museum

Formerly known as the Convent of Santo Domingo de Bonaval, this museum collects collections of representative pieces of Galician culture. In addition, the museum has the famous Pantheon of Illustrious Galicians, where lies the writer Rosalía de Castro or the poet Ramón Cabanillas. It is an ideal place to immerse yourself in the most traditional Galicia, doing a review of varied elements of art, traditional crafts and Galician agriculture.

  • House of Troy

This former student residence of the nineteenth century, will transport you in time to discover the Santiago of those times. It covers the three floors that make up the building and its various rooms, all of them maintaining their original decoration. The house of the Troy is an ideal place to visit the most vivid history of the city and which inspired the "The House of the Troy" novel, by Alejandro Pérez Lugín.

  • Cathedral Museum

If visiting the Cathedral is an obvious tourist attraction in Santiago, passing by its museum is an equally interesting experience. Discover the most enigmatic places of the Cathedral such as the crypt of the Porch of Glory, the Relics Chapel and the Royal Pantheon, where you will find the sepultos of the kings of Galicia, and the Cathedral's Treasure.

  • Granell Foundation

This museum, founded by Antonio Granell in 1995, contains a vast collection of surrealist works by the artist. Throughout its various plants, not only you can contemplate the permanent collection, but numerous temporary exhibitions of artists such as Man May, Max Ernst or José Fernández. Immerse yourself in the inner world of these artists and enjoy an authentic journey into the space-time in the foundation.

  • Gaiás Center Museum

Along 6,600 square meters and in the heart of the City of Culture, the Gaiás Center Museum is famous for hosting temporary exhibitions that, due to their size, they would not fit in other Galician museums. In addition, the building itself has a facade with 43 meters high, which makes the Gaiás one of the most unique cultural enclaves and a must-see in the city.

Santiago is full of history, culture and tradition waiting for you to discover it, so do not hesitate and book your cultural getaway with us! Stay in one of our wonderful hotels and enjoy your stay in the beautiful Compostela.