5 reasons to visit Santiago this December break


The December break is just around the corner and we cannot think of a better option than to come to Santiago. As much as if you fancy a few days of relax as if you prefer a plan full of activities and fun, the capital of Galicia has something made for you. Do you want to know our reasons for choosing Compostela? Here are five of them!

1. The most special gift

If you still don't know what to give to that friend who already has everything or you want to surprise that niece you see so little, in Santiago you will find the answer. The old town is full of small shops that offer wonderful handmade and quirky products. Rúa do Vilar, Rúa Nova and Quertoiro gather most of these charming boutiques.

2. The streets smell like chestnuts

Walking through the streets of the city during autumn is a delicious experience, thanks to the chestnut trains that roam the Zona Vella. Year after year, these mobile stands have been part of the landscape of Santiago, offering a tasty snack that, apart from being delicious, will heat your hands in the cold weather. Ask for a cone of chestnuts and enjoy a wonderful afternoon strolling along rúa Nova.

3. A dinner to remember

If you are one of the clueless who haven't finished (or started)  their Christmas shopping yet, taking advantage of the December break is the best option. In Praza de Abastos you will find everything you need to cook a delicious Christmas Eve dinner with the freshest products, be it seafood, meat, vegetables or desserts.

4. Chocolate with churros

The neighbours of Santiago are experts in coping with cold when the temperatures make us think twice about leaving home. Chocolate with churros is the main motivation to leave the blanket and make a visit to the coffee shop on the corner. In Compostela, the vast majority of bars and cafes have this snack - or breakfast, or dessert - that will satisfy your sweet tooth.

5. Christmas lights

Who says December says Christmas, and in Santiago we like to spread its joyful spirit around the streets. If you want to warm up for the party season and feel the festive vibes, come to Santiago and visit the beautiful lighting that covers the main arteries of the city. In addition, neighbours usually join the festivities by decorating their balconies, how many Santa Claus can you count?. If you travel with children, Compostela also has a huge offer of activities and outdoor events to keep them entertained during that well-deserved rest from school.

At this point you might be looking forward to planning your December getaway to Santiago, so do not hesitate and book at one of our hotels from December 5 to 10. We have rooms in the historic center and a step away from the Cathedral. To check the main tourist attractions of Compostela, visit Santiago Tourismo.




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