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7 things you can only do in Santiago de Compostela.

  • Take the Sun in a cemetery without nobody look at you weird.  Is an old cemetery in disuse in Bonaval Park. Since the there is a panoramic view of the old city. 
  • Get lost in one of the three identical mazes of hedges of camellias, which occupy an area of 4,000 square metres and reaches a height of 1.80 metres. Labyrinths are located in the Belvís Park
  • Listen the Berenguela, clock of the Cathedral that marks the passing of time in the city of Compostela with its dense, powerful sound. 
  • See the "spirit" of the Pilgrim, his shadow appears every night in the plaza de la Quintana when the lighting is switched on. It is actually the reflection created by the night lighting of the Cathedral on a pillar of granite next to the Holy door. 
  • See how it flies over your head a large censer. The "botafumeiro" is one of the symbols of the Cathedral, weighs 53 kg, measuring 1.50 meters, it is suspended at a height of 20 metres and it can reach high speed. To move eight men are necessary. 
  • See an angel with glasses. An artistic representation of the most curious is situated in the city and is encuantra in the Church of Santa María Salomé. There is an altarpiece from the 18th century, which, at the foot of two baroque columns that frame it has represented an Angels with glasses. 
  • See his toes to cervantes. This is a famous joke that is often made to curious tourists. In the middle of the square of a fountain with a central column that ends with the bust of the one-armed man of Lepanto. When shown the square and is referred to the source is usually ask if "you've seen the foot of Cervantes". Chopped by the curiosity most approaching the source to try to see the bottom and placing you close you put hand and pick up water to soak to the curious voyeur that far to see the feet of Cervantes will be with laughing for whom cunning has set you the trap.