7 things that will happen to you if you come to Santiago de Compostela


In the end, Santiago is kind of a small city, or a big town, but which keeps a whole universe between the walls of its buildings. Discover it all with CNH!

1.       It may appear you are in a dream

It is also known as the city of stone and some of its tiny streets are so hidden and non-transited that will make you doubt if you have entered another dimension. If you also add a rainy day and a name such as "Ruela de Sae se Podes" ("Get out if you can"Street), you can imagine the result!

2.       You will gain weight

We are sorry, but it is inevitable you go back home with a little more weight you have brought (and we are not talking about your luggage). Not only because of all the tapas they are going to serve you, but in Galicia we are well-known for the quality of our food and the quantity as well. Once more, forgive us ;)!

3.       You won’t know if you are a pilgrim or a student

Because these are the two “tribes” you will find at any point of the city. And which one is better? The pilgrim’s one, because he or she just ended a challenge such as The Way? Or the student’s one, because he or she is living the university life? Hard to pick one, yes, we will let it to your criterion.

4.       You will get lost

Because this is not Barcelona and our map is one of the most complexes you will ever find. Some might say it is messy, but a true Compostelan knows which are the best routes, the best shortcuts. But pay attention, because you won’t orientate the same way during the day and at night. Check it!

5.       What time is it?

And in what day do we live in? It is very probable you ask yourself those questions during your stay in Compostela (if not both), because hours pass by without knowing when you are enjoying.

6.       You will walk to the rhythm of the music

In the old town, street musicians add the melody to your walk, a music that hits the walls of stone and that can be heard on the opposite corner of the street. Is there anything more impressive than arriving at the Praza do Obradoiro with the sound of a Galician bagpipe?

7.       You will make your stay with CNH

Because our varied offer adapts to your necessities and the locations of our hotels will make you find them very easily even if you get lost because we are at the most transited points of the old town! Call us and book your room!





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