Enjoy the disc golf in Santiago


Do you know that Santiago has one of the few official disc golf courses in Spain? It is located in Monte do Gozo Park, and has eighteen baskets, a par 58, distributed in a field of 1,775 meters. In addition, the best thing is that they are freely accessible and everyone can enjoy them.

But what is disc golf

Although it is a very popular sport in North America or the Scandinavian countries, it is true that disc golf is still not very well known in Spain. It competes individually with rules similar to those of golf but using a frisbee instead of sticks and ball, and baskets instead of holes. The objective of the game is to throw the basket disc into the basket using the lowest possible number of launches.

Among the advantages of disc golf -also called discogolf or frisbeegolf- we can emphasize that it is a suitable sport for all ages and that it is practiced outdoors in contact with nature, besides that it does not require large economic expenses to enjoy it.

Club and Championship of Spain

Santiago is home to one of the few existing clubs in Spain, the Compostela Disc Golf Club, which will host the Spanish Disc Golf Championship 2018 to be held on the weekend of October 6 and 7.

The tournament will have the participation of the best national players, residents both in Spain and abroad. The final of the main category, Open, will take place on Sunday in the early afternoon. In it will face the first four classified in the previous rounds.




Rúa da Conga 9,
15704 Santiago de Compostela