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The Galician Carnival, "O Entroido"


The Carnival is the time in which everyone laughs at all, shame is left at home and the roles, in many cases, are invested to get forget everything and have the sense of humor as a flag. 

In Galicia the Carnival has a long tradition of popular and there are seven carnivals that are qualified as a "Festival of tourist interest". Two are Fiestas of national tourist interest: Xinzo de Limia and Verín

All peoples, from the North to the South of the community, are filled with color and laughter, celebrations in style that can come together all over the world, the only thing you have to bring is desire to have fun. Compostela the big day is Tuesday, day that parades of disguises, fanfares and musical performances run through the city.

But in Galicia Carnival is not only costumes, masks and laughs. On Earth 'meiga' gastronomy is also the protagonist in these dates. Eat a good stew or a pork with turnip tops is almost mandatory if you want to stick a good dish with a variety of flavors. And you feel so well at this time of the year!

Any Galician conceives the Carnival without well fill the belly with a good meal in which the pig is the ingredient, hat, shoulder of pork, sausages... do not miss in the culinary offerings. And as every great dish will happened by a good dessert in this section we have variety: ears, doughnuts, pancakes and bica. Puts the finishing the coffee liqueur, drink this and essential in any Galician celebration. 

Enjoy the quality and the gastronomy of Galicia in the many restaurants offered by the city. Stick a feast eating their dishes and feel like one Galician more.

Sweets can also buy them in such bakeries, which at this time are typical products of "o entroido". When you pass by their windows you can not resist and fall into temptation.