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Essentials of Compostela: A Walk in the Park of Bonaval

Located in the district of San Pedro, one of the oldest and most lively districts of the city, the park occupies the grounds of the convent of San Domingos de Bonaval. Currently the convent building is no longer destined to its original use, holding inside the Galician People Museum, while the church, Gothic, keeps inside the Pantheon of Illustrious Galician People. In it are buried Rosalia de Castro, Alfredo Brañas, Ramón Cabanillas, Francisco Asorey, Domingo Fontan and Alfonso R. Castelao.

In the environment of Bonaval is also located the Galician Center for Contemporary Art, the "CGAC", which shares with the own park architect Alvaro Siza.

The park is divided into three distinct parts. The first is a terraced garden area, ideal for picnics in summer, a great plan to enjoy a meal outdoors in good company. And at this time of year, a perfect place for a stroll.

If we continue along a set of ramps and staircase leads to a wooded esplanade from which you can enjoy a panoramic view of the historic area of ​​the city. There you can see how the towers compete with Santiago Cathedral. This space is a meeting point in summer for sunbathing, playing instruments ... and throughout the year an ideal place to walk and take pictures instead.

But undoubtedly the main part of the park is the old disused cemetery still intact centuries later. Here we meet another esplanade that is often used for events such as concerts, film screenings, games ... You can enjoy a show outdoors surrounded by niches, do you sign?

In short, this park is a public place for leisure full of history that allows you to disconnect from the hustle and bustle. You can't go without a walk for this park!