Meet the Franco, the street of wines in Santiago, and win prizes


As it could not be less, Santiago also has its street of wines and tapas and that is none other than the mythical Rúa do Franco. More central, in addition, can not be, since it runs from practically the Praza do Obradoiro to Porta Faxeira, just opposite the Alameda Park.

The Franco is full of restaurants and this gastronomic tradition comes from far as the Franks, that is, those free men arrived from beyond the Pyrenees, settled in this area in the Middle Ages as tavern keepers to serve the pilgrims. That's where the name of the street comes from.

Do you dare with the Paris-Dakar?

The people of Santiago and visitors have continued visiting the Franco throughout the centuries. The students established a legendary route called Paris-Dakar, which required a cup of wine in each of the bars that crossed, taking into account that the Paris and the Dakar are the names of the places that are located, respectively, at the beginning and end of the street. You will imagine that something more than endurance is needed. You can try, however, because they are still open.

We must recognize that the tourist boom of recent years has caused the Franco to lose part of its essence as a meeting place for neighbors. But initiatives are emerging that try to reverse this dynamic. It is good news also for those who visit us, because when we travel we prefer to live more authentic experiences, right?

Scratch and win ... a trip to Cape Verde!

Thus, for example, a set of establishments -O Boteco, Casa Elisa, Mesón 42, Porta Faxeira, A Barrola and ACDC- have been grouped under the name of Fran & CO and promote a promotional campaign that, with the format of 'rasca y gana', gives a participation ticket for every five euros spent and gives the option to win thousands of free drinks and important prizes such as a trip to Cabo Verde for two people, a Go Pro camera, dinners for two or for four people (including one seafood) or several wine packs.

This campaign will run from Thursday to Sunday between November 22 and January 13. Do you encourage yourself to participate? We remind you that our hotels are located in the historic center of Santiago, very close to the Franco.




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