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Meet the most contemporary Santiago with Álvaro Siza

Photo: Santiago Turismo 

Just stroll around the Plaza del Obradoiro to understand why Santiago de Compostela is a perfect example of a multitude of architectural styles. From Renaissance to neoclassical through baroque they have found their place in the city making the lovers of architecture.

This overlap and combination of styles has been increasing over the years, with many examples of renowned architects who have been leaving their mark in Santiago, contributing to forge the historical and artistic heritage of the Galician capital.

Already in a more recent past, names such as Peter Eisenman -Cidade da Cultura- or Julio Cano Lasso -Auditorio de Galicia- have gone through their works to become part of the urban landscape of the city. Thus, Portuguese architect Alvaro Siza -granched in 1992 with the Pritzker of Architecture- is one of them.

The Galician Center for Contemporary Art (CGAC) - the first of its works in Santiago - inaugurated in 1993 is located next to the church of San Domingos de Bonaval, very close to our Hotel Bonaval. This building, despite being a radically different style from the one predominant in the monumental area, maintains the essence of Galician architecture through the materials used in its construction, with granite being the main protagonist.

In the North Campus of the university is located the second great building designed by Álvaro Siza, the Faculty of Media Studies of the University of Santiago de Compostela. The building was designed to the last detail by the architect, from the furniture to the signage, a circumstance that makes the building a remarkable example of a work of art of contemporary architecture.

With works such as the CGAC and the Faculty of Communication Sciences Siza has become part of the list of proper names that make up the different points of reference of the contemporary architecture of the city.

If you are going to spend a few days in Santiago de Compostela, from Compostela Net Hotels we invite you to walk along its streets admiring the perfect union that has been brewing between the new contemporary constructions and the conservation of the important historical heritage of the city.