Discover the life (and the party) of Santiago's summer


It's here! Summer has already come! And with the sun, arrives a very busy schedule in the Galician capital. Are you ready? Charge the batteries, CNH takes you to party!

Party, after party, after party ...

We inaugurate officially the season, as it could not be otherwise, with the summer equinox. And, to celebrate that the days are longer and the nights shorter, the city will be filled with bonfires, music, and activities during the night of San Juan and in the days before.

Almost without rest, just a week after that magical night, we continue with a festival that has been going on very hard and from which we have already given you some clues: O Son do Camiño. With the site located on the outskirts of the city, on the Monte do Gozo, artists such as Jamiroquai or The Killers will make you vibrate on June 27, 28 and 29.

 And if you are not a festival person? Do you prefer to experience a typical “Compostelan party”? We have a plan for you as well: stay at our Hotel Bonaval and enjoy the Fiestas del Barrio de San Pedro, which are also held on the last weekend of June and are some of the most famous in the city, for the effort of its neighbors to prepare and decorate the streets.

One more month, it's one month less

That's how fast June has ended and July has arrived, now, yes, we are fully involved in the summer. For the city, it is one of the most exciting months in terms of celebrations because, although you have already seen that Compostela is a non-stop of cultural activity. On July 25 the patron saint of Galicia is celebrated in a celebration called Fiestas del Apóstol. More than a week of shows, attractions, fairs, exhibitions, music, activities for children (and much more), will fill a festive atmosphere to the most remote street in the city.

So, you already have the agenda at hand, why do not you choose any dates and book in CNH? We are waiting for you!





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