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Places to enjoy reading at Santiago de Compostela


A small pleasure that begins to be somewhat dated is the reading public. Decades slipped and seems to be so difficult to find a person enjoying a book in a public place like listening to a waffle iron. Well, maybe not so much but there is some change of habits. Not that they read less but the book has been substituted by any other device. Still, the capital of Galicia is full of corners outdoors and covered where dive into an amazing story, in vibrant stories, exemplary novels... Here we note some corners to enjoy reading at Santiago de Compostela.

Ánxel Casal Public Library: start with a place under cover and a bit obvious, really, but we have our reasons. The building that houses the public library Ánxel Casal is an example of the integration of contemporary architecture with a monumental area. The game established between the building, the marquee that runs along the Juan XXII Avenue and Convent of San Francisco deserve a moment of contemplation. Precisely the glass facade facing west Library can enjoy this delicate play of volumes and styles while we turn out the light of day in the hills of House Novas. As for the library space, it has different reading rooms, suitable for any content, from the chairs to embark reading journals and magazines published throughout Spain, either to review the international press. The library has five floors devoted to a topic everyone: from children's literature, to general funds of fiction and nonfiction, as well as an interesting visual background.

From Monday to Friday it is open from 8.30 to 21.00. Saturday, open from 10.00 to 14.00.

Café Derby: Talk intellectual, artistic and literary creation in Santiago without remembering the Derby is a sin. This ancient city -oldest coffee- the meant the meeting of Compostela partnership with the twentieth century. After leaving the nineteenth century cultural stagnation and depression, opening this cafe he shook a little worn compostelana the bourgeoisie. Thus, avant-garde artists like Camilo Diaz Valiño participated in the decoration of the premises and soon became the epicenter of a political and literary circle in which eminent writers such as Ramon Maria del Valle Inclan, Castelao or Domingo García Sabell participated and where was conceived the foundation of the "Partido Galeguista" in 1931. Pass and enjoy the atmosphere and period furniture and open a good book while savoring a chocolate with churros is, of course, invoke the power of Proust's madeleine.

Derby Cafe opens its doors in the Orfas Rua, No. 29.

Literarios Café: one of the most spectacular views of the city and a name that invites you to go with a powerful narrative that is interrupted only to look beautiful surroundings. The cafe is located in the "Quintana de Vivos" and terrace overlooking what is perhaps one of the most dramatic and beautiful squares in Spain. Its interior is decorated with paintings that evoke the past and student commentator who always accompanied this coffee.

It is open from 9 am to 02.30 am.

Lover´s tree, Paseo da Ferradura: Alameda park in Santiago combines many stories as views and corners. Paseo da Ferradura (or the Lions) is an emblematic place for Compostela and visitors. The famous pictures of the cathedral overlooking the city are taken from here, but if there is a place to enjoy a book is called Lover´s tree: A giant eucalyptus bark which includes a few declarations of love and which is bypassed by a bank in which to take refuge in the shade while enjoying the fresh scent of eucalyptus. Open an essay, novel, or book of poems, if it is of humor-- and let the senses are adapted to the sounds and smells of the botanical park is one of those pleasures that claims to be lived in Compostela.

Park Vista Alegre: one of the latest additions to the green areas of Santiago also promises to be a great place for reading. It features comfortable benches located in the shade of oaks and fig trees, roads that go in digesting all that has been read and some shelters in case of rain; in the park we will find the Museum of Natural History at the University of Santiago. It is a building designed by architect Cesar Portela in which we can find a fund worth seeing species.

So far our team. Take advantage of these spaces, open a book and adventures Tell us if do not know better if you are surrounded by history, nature and beauty.