The Portico de la Gloria recovers its splendor and will be again visitable


The Portico de la Gloria is undoubtedly the jewel of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela. After more than a decade of restoration work, the works ended last week. After investing more than 50,000 hours of painstaking work in its repair, Mestre Mateo's masterpiece has been officially inaugurated by Queen Sofía and will be available later this month.

After ten years, the restoration work managed to fight against the effect of water and dust leaks, recovering colors that had been hidden for years and years. Now, after the painstaking work of 12 experts, it is expected that the Pórtico can be preserved for hundreds of years.

But the most important (and what we were all expected): the Portico will be again visitable. We will have to wait until next July 27, which will be the start day of the visits. With the aim of preserving Mestre Mateo's work, only small groups (maximum 25 people) will be allowed to enter for 15 minutes. The visits will last all day (from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) and will be free of charge, in strict order of arrival (it cannot be previously booked).

After more than 6 million euros invested in the work, the Pórtico finally recovers all its splendor and hopes to surprise its visitors with a whole new range of colors and its usual charm. If you want to finally enjoy the magic that exude the 8 centuries of the Portico do not hesitate to book your getaway with CNH. A unique opportunity to get to know one of the greatest artistic treasures not only of Santiago but also of the Spanish geography. We are waiting for you!





Rúa da Conga 9,
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