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Out meigas! The night of San Juan in Santiago


Picture: Turismo de Santiago

One more year the capital of Galicia dresses of holiday to give the welcome to the most magic and long night of the year: San Juan. Compostela Net Hotels invites you to enjoy our facilities to live in the first person one of the traditions more established of Compostela. Both the Hotel Bonaval and the Smart Boutique Literary Hotel San Bieito will give the welcome to the summer to scanty meters of the principal squaresof the city, where a great number of celebrations will take place and certainly, “cacharelas”, or bonfires.

Santiago waits longingly next June 23, where one more year some of the most emblematic places of the city will give received hundreds of persons to celebrate the night in which the soul is purified and they throw themselves to the fire all the problems and fears. Out “meigas”!, or what is the same thing, witches. From San's Pedro Neighborhood up to Sar the bonfires will invade the city, and music, that accompanied of a great banquet presided by a good plate of sardines to the ember, will give life to the from Santiago de Compostela night.

If you visit us, do not forget to follow stepwise the different rituals associated with this appointment: from the jump of the bonfires up to the elaboration of the famous "hot Galician punch or queimada" they will form a part of this tradition, by means of which the santiagueses will banish to spirits and evil of eye. According to the popular beliefs there must skip the bonfire (popularly known like "cacharela") at least nine times for the fulfillment of our desires and to elaborate the "hot Galician punch" under the habitual rite, in that the tradition orders the corresponding conjuration declares while the flames expand on this spirit. To finish off the day, the following morning you must wash the face with water of San Juan, elaborated with different aromatic herbs, which should assure that, according to the tradition, you should be ready to continue confronting day after day with good luck.

Composte,a Net Hotels offers you the possibility of living closely a night riddled with surprises, which will strengthen bows and will feed friendship, a unique experience that will transform in an unforgettable recollection. Do you dare? We wait for you in the center of Santiago de Compostela!