Gastronomy y Santiago de Compostela: a city to taste


Santiago de Compostela has so many charms that it would be impossible to know them all. CNH offers you a way to enjoy the sea, the land, the fauna and even nature ... Let's say we talk about gastronomy! And although there is nothing more difficult than making a selection, we have worked hard to choose. Our recommendation? Try it all!

 A serving of galician octopus and a glass of vine

The octopus is undoubtedly one of the jewels of Galician gastronomy. It is served with cachelos, potatoes cooked with skin and seasoned with paprika. A typical delicacy of the Galician fairs that is usually accompanied by a cunca (a small glass) of wine.

A strip of churrasco and Herbón peppers

The churrasco (ribs), from pork or veal, is one of the dishes that is not missing in any meeting of friends in Galicia. The same for the Herbón peppers, which are not lacking in a Galician house from the month of May, when it begins (if the rain allows it) to get the sun. Together, they constitute the second option for those who reject the octopus. Although, the three together form a combo difficult to overcome.

The pie

Of course, a pie is much more than bread. It is undoubtedly another of the most known elements of our cuisine that you can find in absolutely all the bakeries in the city, each with its particular style. And undoubtedly the tastiest is inside: of tuna, cod, scallops, zorza, meat,... And a long etcetera.

And desserts…

Almond Cake

Yes, it is typical of the city and its flavor has taken it to all corners of the community, and even to many points in the rest of Spain. The key ingredient is the almond, which provides its characteristic flavor, and the icing sugar that decorates it. You can try it at any restaurant in the old area or pick it up at a bakery.

Coffee Liquor

The coffee liquor is so ours that it deserves a special mention. It is prepared in many houses, and never lacking in the aftermath of the celebrations. And this liquor never comes alone. It has two henchmen well attached to him: the herbal liqueur and the pomace cream, both softer than the brown liquor which flavor is strong, but it hooks, it is very treacherous!

Enjoying Galician gastronomy is undoubtedly one of the most delicious consequences of visiting Santiago. Click here, book with CNH and take advantage of your stay in Santiago de Compostela to savor many more delicacies!





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