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Alternative Compostela Guide: 4 places you should not miss in Santiago

Sala Capitol

The largest concert room in the city, with an extensive program of concerts and events of all kinds. Artists from around the world and musicians from the Galician music scene share the stage in a space in the city center.

Consult the timetable to get your getaway to soak up music of all stripes. A perfect way to start the night in Compostela.

Rúa Concepcion Arenal, 5, 15702 Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña

Jazz Club Dadó-Dadá

The quintessential jazz venue in the city in which you can see and especially hear local musicians at concerts and jam sessions every Tuesday at 23 pm. Consult your schedule and if you dare, traveling with your instrument and join the concert!

Rúa Alfredo Brañas, 19, 15701 Santiago de Compostela


A movie theater run by a cooperative that brings to the city the best independent films on the international scene. It is open Tuesday to Sunday sessions each day at 12:00, 16:00, 18:00, 20:00 and 22:00.

A different plan to enjoy the seventh least commercial art and thus support a pioneering initiative in Compostela.

Concepcion Arenal, 9 - Bajo 15702 Santiago de Compostela

Barra Atlántica

To finish our alternative route through the city, we finished the course in this new location the historic quarter where distill their own spirits: gin, rum .... A late bar and a night club, where you can not ask for any brand of distillates market, only homemade.

A perfect way to end the night in Compostela ... or start it!

Conga 8 Bajo 15702 Santiago de Compostela