The wardrobe background of "Las Marías" of Santiago de Compostela


Maruxa and Coralia "Las Marías", just changed their looks. It has cost more than three years for them to have this new look. Their colourful clothes are not a personal decision or caprice of his creator, César Lombera, but it is a well-documented work of how these two sisters lived. After this last change, there have been different political speculations with the use of yellow in the attire of the sculpture. It has nothing to do with referring to Catalan independentism as some think, simply "Las Marías" were republican and the yellow was one of the bright colours they used to wear to make their own outfits in the workshop the family owned. 

The sculpture of Las Marías has already gone through several restorations, sometimes due to vandalism and other times plainly due to wear. Since 1994, when the sculpture was placed in the park of La Alameda, there have been 4 restorations and in all of them the author's intention was to "respect the provocative and lively spirit of Maruxa and Coralia". The sculpture of Las Marías has become a symbol of Compostela and a popular meeting point for both compostelans and tourists

Maruxa and Coralia reached their popularity walking through the streets arm in arm, according to anecdotes, seeking for the company of university students, daily and always at the same time. Almost all the stories that are told, about them, coincide in the mockery and contempt calling them spinster and crazy for their clothes, which they sewed themselves in the workshop, and for wearing exaggeratedly colourful makeup. His mortal remains are currently resting in Boisaca

In addition to "Las Marías" sculpture, its author César Lombera has also been the creator of sculptures such as Valle Inclán of the Paseo de los Leones in La Alameda, Sor Aurora in Isla de Arousa and Valle Inclán in Pontevedra. A short while ago it was possible to enjoy an exhibition of different works of the sculptor in the Business Area of Tambre. 

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