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Two santiagueses stores that will not leave you indifferent

The old part of the city of the Apostle holds local numbers where visitors can enjoy a moment of leisure, but no doubt there are two that will surprise you.

A classic night Santiago de Compostela is the Modus Vivendi, the first pub in the history of Galicia. It is located in what were the former stables of the pazo de Somoza, just 5 minutes from the Cathedral, still has the on-ramp for animals and a former drinker of stone that makes table today. This table, together with the low ceilings and its curious structure makes this place a peculiar place.

The Modus has two distinct areas, the first yourself it just enter, with a bar and stools, a second access by ramp above and is a more welcoming.

Pub Modus Vivendi in Santiago de Compostela

His musical style is black music from the 60s and 70s, rock, latin-jazz... Although small periodically organize shows of music or theater, and also exhibitions of photography and painting walls. 

The second branch we want to mention is in the area of the Civet, specifically in San Paio de Antealtares, and its name describes it perfectly, paradise lost. A cafe-bar of drinks with more than 30 years old but who still has the same charm as always. 

This urban Cave of stone and wood has a singular architecture, formerly a block now transformed into a pub. In your letter you can find from various types of coffee until a good choice of alcohols, mostly Gin. 

The atmosphere is quiet and the place is ideal for taking the first drinks in any of its three rooms, carved into the stone. It is a unique place that worth a look, get lost and find it whenever you return to Compostela.