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The three most emblematic cafés of Santiago


No doubt in the cafes of greater tradition in Compostela was forged part of its culture and its history. That is why from Compostela Net Hotels we recommend you to do a visit to three classics you mentioned below and thus not lose you part of its living history.

The Casino coffee, is a Hall, a Museum and an exhibition hall. A cultural space, with piano and a genuine atmosphere since 1873. After a long closed, it is open to the public since 2002 as a public Cafe. Neighbors, students, but above all pilgrims and visitors do not want to Miss enjoy a coffee at the same place where he have sat down to take it characters as the Kings of Spain, José Saramago, Valle-Inclán, Castelao, artists, bourgeois and aristocrats of the Galician nobility...

In the 1929 Open Derby, being the premises of the city where he ran the first espresso coffee makers. Entering this cafe is like taking a step into the past. His high bar bar lamps with numerous and small crystals, marble, wooden tables and waiters dressed in black vest and shirt suggest that there were arrested time. From its stained-glass windows you can observe the hustle and bustle of the city. The Derby was the meeting point of illustrious as Castelao ó Seoane Galician.

54 years include the Venice Cafe, which opened with crafty or name and which began as usual place of the students of the city. The current name was decision by clients themselves. His young son, Óscar de Toro, reputed national barista founded by Antonio Toro and Mercedes Santos today runs it.