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Christmas essential Santiago de Compostela

The calendar tells us: December day the weekends, holidays and vacations shake hands. On announcing the winter they serve to show the most intimate and peaceful face of Santiago de Compostela: the capital of Galicia pilgrim shown less introspective and more, an open opportunity to roam their secrets and discover another face and other flavors of Compostela. We leave five proposals for Christmas in Santiago de Compostela.


1. Discover the Market

The second most visited monument in the city live in the last days of autumn a moment of particular splendor: it is time for many delicious seafood and bivalves such as cockles, crabs and spider crabs, fish and coastal ture... The Praza de Abastos supplies not only meets the tradition of homemade vegetable crops and specialized positions. In addition, the traditional market of Santiago de Compostela brings together some of the most interesting proposals of hospitality in the city, such as the Abastos 2.0, an exponent of the new Galician cuisine in which traditional ingredients and innovative ways shake hands.

abastos market of santiago de compostela


2. Night Tour of the monuments.

The historic Compostela has a very different look thanks to the Christmas lights. It is clear that the Christmas lights gives a different and vibrant look to each city, but one of the peculiarities of the historic area of Santiago is how to split the light: thick walls narrow streets that wind and intense light but unevenly. Compostela has lighting to enhance the quality of that little mystical and timeless value that has monumental Compostela area.


3. Attend Midnight Mass in the Cathedral.

Religious tradition par excellence of these festivals is celebrated in a special way in the temple Compostela. Midnight Mass together on Christmas Eve midnight enough people who come to see the nave as can only be done on the main religious holiday of the year. No need to be devoted to admire the lighting, she Mass sung and taught craft in multiple languages ​​as well as the music played in the fabulous Baroque organ in the nave.


4. Ice Rink in Santiago

One of the most beloved Christmas traditions in the city. For two months, a public ice rink opens in Santiago. The location has changed in recent years: from the grounds of the National Gando Amio Market, located at the exit towards A Coruña, until the Praza da Quintana or the Paseo de la Alameda. An opportunity to have fun while practicing one of the winter sports par excellence.


5. Chimes Year's Eve in Quintana.

The grapes of luck, the relay must Ramontxu Anne and the environment from the Puerta del Sol... traditional tradition seems an immovable granite rock, right? Well, maybe it is not so. If you are celebrating the legacy of 2016 in Santiago de Compostela and not a temporary Winter Classic rushes over our heads, Compostela tradition also includes grapes, yes, but following the transition to the new year in the Praza da Quintana. The ritual is almost identical: the nerves when they ring the rooms and each grape gobbling accompanying the ringing of the Berenguela. Maybe that's one of the attractions: each chime bell output has a noble gravity and poise that never have the chimes via television. And then, to enjoy the New Year in Compostela, with local small that keeps the usual prices but with a much more generous when closing.

Berenguela of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela