Do you picture a snowy Santiago? Discover it with CNHotels!


With the characteristic winter cold of the Galician February, in Santiago we harbor the hope that the low temperatures drop some snowflakes. The weather man has predicted a possible snowfall in the capital of Galicia and in CNHotels we could not be more anxious to see our beautiful Compostela covered by that white coat that so many Galician localities are already enjoying.

For some the snow in Santiago is a strange concept, since the city adheres its fame to another meteorological phenomenon: the rain. However, the city has been receiving the timely visit of the snow for a long time. Just in February 1935 there was an unprecedented torrent of snow in the capital, to which the residents of the city were so unused to. Wouldn't it be great to repeat the experience?

And since everything good comes in small doses, the snow has been distributed over the time in Santiago, sometimes disappearing for years, sometimes giving us days of intense snowfall, covering parks, rooftops and streets. This happened in 2010 when the thickness of the white water reached up to five centimeters, which forced the use of six tons of salt and cut several streets of the city center. You can imagine the fun afternoons the little ones had, throwing snowflakes and sliding through the steepest streets.

A couple of years ago, the orange alert jumped throughout the city due to the great drop in temperatures. No one really wanted to leave home, and those who did not forget their hat, scarf, gloves and double pair of socks. However, the weak flakes knew little by little those who had already experienced the wonderful snowfall of years ago. Now, in Santiago, we feed that memory and hopefully wish that the Cathedral will once again wear that shimmering white coat.

At this point we have already made it clear how imminent the snow seems to be over Santiago, as well as the beautiful picture that it leaves in its path through the city. If you don't want to miss seeing this unusual phenomenon, book your room in one of our hotels and enjoy your best winter getaway. With CNHotels it is possible!




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