Immerse yourself in the Holy Week of Santiago with Compostela Net Hotels


That Galicia has a great religious tradition is no secret. Our parties and celebrations tend to revolve around the Christian holidays and there are no towns and municipalities whose names refer to the saints. The Galician capital could not be less, receiving its name, Compostela, from a biblical passage. Therefore, what better place than Santiago to enjoy the Easter holidays? In CNH we give you the keys to immerse yourself in the Galician Easter.

The passion of the processions

If there is something that we associate with Holy Week is the processions of saints, which both neighbors and visitors come to see. In Santiago de Compostela you will have the opportunity to witness numerous marches, since only the city itself has about 20 chapels and churches, which will draw their saints on these dates. Book your room with CNH on key days, from Palm Sunday (March 25) to Easter (April 1) and do not miss any of the key processions to feel the passion of the Holy Week in Compostela.

Listen to the sound of the rattle

Being in Santiago means a must visit to the Cathedral, and what better occasion to visit it than at Easter? The archbishopric of Santiago de Compostela is always responsible for making the celebrations in these days so marked are especially unique. For that reason, it is customary that during the holidays, instead of the bells, the rattle sounds, a musical instrument from the medieval period that makes a great rumble that can be heard throughout the Historic Quarter. So if you hear this loud noise while you walk by the rua do Franco or visit the Praza de Abastos do not worry, Santiago is a big party!

See the great botafumeiro swing

If you had planned to attend a Mass in Santiago's Cathedral during the Easter holidays and take the opportunity to see the impressive botafumeiro, you must take into account the following information. It is true that a censer is used every day during the pilgrim's mass, but this is quite small. The big botafumeiro to whom the Cathedral owes its fame is only put into use on certain specified dates, and Easter Sunday is one of them. Come to Compostela and do not miss the opportunity to witness this famous show all over the world.

Do not hesitate and book your room at one of our hotels in Santiago de Compostela. At #CNH we will be happy to welcome you and provide all the services to make your Easter holidays memorable, we are waiting for you!




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