Movie afternoons in Santiago with #Cineuropa31


The festival of european cinema Cineuropa is back in Santiago in its 31st edition to offer the most awarded alternative films of the season. From the 7th to the 28th of November, filmophiles have an imperative date with the Galician capital. Complete your stay in town with a marathon of productions that make the buzz in film festivals!

Panorama Audiovisual Galego is going to play 27 new films made in Galicia, which will count with the intervention of its producers. If you haven't heard of director Anxos Fazáns yet, this is your opportunity to do so. Cineuropa is going to host the avant-premiere of his latest work, The violent station, which has been recorded on the streets of Compostela. Book your ticket and discover Santiago straight from the cinema. 

If you've been long waiting to listen to the Royal Filharmony of Galicia on live, the time has come for you. Enjoy Cecil B. DeMille's Carmen and Charles Chaplin's A Burlesque on Carmen with the best soundtrack you could ever imagine. The tickets retail for 12 euros each pass.

History can be read but also seen. In reason of the 100th anniversary of the spanish crisis of 1917, the festival suggests a historic afternoon that you can complete with a promenade around the old town of Santiago. You can choose between classic films as Eisenstein's Battleship Potemkin and the latest productions as Pedro Minho's The factory of nothing, winner of a Giraldillo de Oro.

The younger members of the family can also have fun in the European cinema's party. Cineuropa miúda has a selection of three kids movies straight from the oven so the whole family can have a good time altogether. To complete the family pack, Compostela counts with a few public parks: Alameda, Bonaval and Belvís can be found within a few minutes from the old town. 

Cineuropa is the perfect excuse to come to Santiago this Autumn. Aside enjoying the film sessions, Cineuropa allows you to visit the most emblemathic spaces such as the Salón Teatro, the Teatro Principal or the Multicines Compostela. Plan your film marathon on #Cineuropa31's website and book your pass for the most interesting productions on Abanca's site.

Book your room in one of our hotels and enjoy a few days of entertainment for all ages in an exceptional cultural context as Santiago de Compostela. Complete your stay with walks around its historic streets and taste the delicious gastronomy of Galician fall.





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