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Time of terrace in Santiago de Compostela


The sun rises and we lay on the streets as if there were a morning. We looking forward to that happiness we caught outdoors. Desire to rub skin with greater market index guard to expose us as snails in the Sun. Desire to stroll along the sand long days at sea and a thousand plans most appropriate at this time. Yes, we already know that ideally a hot day is go to coast, well, if we stay in Santiago we can have our reward in the form of "momentary break" in those pockets of happiness of the city called terraces. 

The terraces of bars and restaurants are one of the options preferred at this time of the year. Escape work, asphalt, noise and everyday life can be easier thanks to a cold beer or a soft drink and a CAP to accompany. Much better if it is in good company and beautiful and 'secret' place outdoors in the Centre of Compostela. 

City also keeps their aces in the sleeve between the asphalt and the pollution. Or should we say its corners with charm away from the noise. We opened the summer season going from Earth! 

Variety is more that served, there are so many that we could become crazy by choosing which is the best option. But we highlight the terrace of our hotel Bonaval, away from the hustle and bustle of the street may be you a real unknown but sure that as the visit will become your indispensable.