Traveling in family? Santiago is your destination


It is said that Santiago de Compostela is the largest town on the planet and at the same time the smallest city in the world. And is that the capital of Galicia gathers everything that a place may need. Compostela has nothing to envy about the services offered by big cities: the prosperity of the smaller towns and the advantages of the more cosmopolitan metropolis.

Between the walls of the capital

Santiago stands out for the great amount of green areas and its extraordinary parks. The historic center is not far behind as it is a place to lose yourself as if you were in a maze with many secrets.A must stop is the Cathedral, not only for its beauty but for all the symbolism that surrounds it, the city and the pilgrims.The Alameda Park is located a few meters from the Cathedral and to get there you will have to cross one of the most famous streets of the city, Rúa do Franco, full of restaurants and souvenir shops and you will find hundreds Of tourists. Already in the park you can enjoy a lot of interesting things like a duck pond, a nice dovecote, an elegant music box and a curious "acoustic" bench, etc.An option for the most curious of nature is the Museum of Natural History of the University of Santiago where you can find more than 25,000 specimens of flora, fauna and minerals, a patrimonial set that dates back to the 19th century with unique pieces of great value.

Natural breaks around Compostela

In the vicinity of Santiago you will find a number of activities with which to connect directly with the world of nature.In the recreational area of ​​Agronovo (Vedra) travelers have available canoes and traditional boats to rent during Saturday and Sunday afternoon in the months of July and August. In addition, this same area of ​​great environmental and landscape wealth offers services such as barbecues, tables, bathrooms, etc.If you drive south on A Estrada, you will be able to visit old rural palaces with fascinating historical gardens. These are the Pazos de Oca and Ribadulla, where you can discover two distinct spaces within the pazo: a more leafy and mysterious area, where you can imagine fantastic stories of princes and princesses, and another more elegant and orderly.

These are just some of the options, but at Compostela Net Hotels we can advise you with many more activities to spend a great day with your family. Book your holidays with us and enjoy the best pastimes in Santiago de Compostela and surroundings!




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