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Gastronomy km 0 at the Mercado de Abastos in Santiago


Do you deeply enjoy the gastronomy of quality? Compostela Net Hotels invites you to enjoy a tranquil stay at our hotels as you discover one of the most desirable parts of the city: the Abastos market. 

Located in the historic centre and close to five thousand square meters of commercial activity, the market sits in second position in relation to the most visited places of Compostela, just behind the Cathedral

Built in 1937 on the old city market, the Mercado de Abastos is a leader in the sale of fresh products, in addition to an architectural complex like no other. Its facilities receive thousands of visits a day in search of the best relationship quality price that the Santiago gastronomic offer. Also supplies is a place in which tradition and the genre of quality come together to give life to a sensory spectacle, which together with the figure of the typical "paisana" invite you to breathe the very spirit of Galicia, where the "House" products and friendly prevail with notoriety. 

This exceptional market, located just a few minutes of our facilities, offers a lot of possibilities that will not leave you indifferent. From a wide range of extreme, through the service of cuisine live quality products, that after choosing a product from the market the client may witness preparation and subsequent tasting. But... This is not all!, food has many shops: jewelry stores, hardware stores, repair shoe, etc. As well as a large number of restaurants and cafes a few meters from its facilities. 

But if you are looking for seasonal products... you've come to the right place! The food market; It always has items fresh and seasonal. Consume the genre at the right time is essential, since it allows us to enjoy the product at its peak, both at the level of contribution as its aroma. Typical products as the snow peas (pods belonging to the family and gender than peas, but instead of being cultivated for its seeds, are own pods which are consumed), peas (similar to the pea legume) and loquats (fleshy fruit) welcomed this spring at the top of the exhibitors, delighting visitors. 

And you would be able to resist?