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Live a different Holy Week in Santiago de Compostela

If something you can brag about the compostelan Holy week is that their footsteps through the streets and squares of a city heritage. Without a doubt, an exceptional setting in which you can see 17 processions which represents the passion, death and resurrection of Christ, remembering the historico-religiosos events

Silent processions, accompanied by scathing sound of horns and the severe rhythm of the drums not leave indifferent no one that comes close to contemplate the Holy week. 

But these holidays in the capital city of the Apostle cultural and leisure offer not only focuses on the religious acts, there are a variety of events for all tastes.  There are also musical events this week. 'Places and bodies. Music and other landscapes of Compostela' offers a comprehensive, complete and very illustrative teaching schedule (dance, singing, music and instruments...), in the main monumental churches of the city. 

The musical registry of religious connotation enjoys special historical and cultural impact in Compostela. This event, aimed at all audiences, will allow to enjoy variety of spiritual sounds coming from all parts of the world, as well as visit the main organs of the city. 

The holy week of Santiago de Compostela, in addition to the processions, religious events, concerts in churches and visits, also has a gastronomic offer. This year unlike the previous special relevance will be sweets and desktops that receives the name of "Santiago Paixon twelve".  From Friday 18 to Sunday 27 March numerous venues in the city will offer sweets and or typical product of this era milk fried, "buñuelos", "rosquillas"... 

Complete your holiday in one of our exclusive hotels where you will enjoy a pleasant feeling at home and lives a few different days in a city full of history, art and religion. In addition our Smart Boutique Hotel literary San Bieito is located five minutes walk from the Cathedral and the Hotel Bonaval ten, allowing you to experience the festive atmosphere.